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There are many ways to measure your success when you start an exercise program.   Feeling better, looking better, and being able to do more are all "non scale" measures of success.   We love to hear these achievements from our members...here are a few...
I’ve seen a big difference since starting at Coach Mel’s. Hefting the 40 pound bags of pellets for my stove is much easier these days. And I have a lot more energy. Thank you!!  ~Nan
I'm amazed that I can now keep up in Kettlebell and Pound than in the beginning. I hate to see people who come to a class or two and visibly appear overwhelmed because they can't keep up or they feel "uncoordinated" and then you don't see them again. It takes a while to build up your strength and stamina, especially if you haven't worked out in a while. But when you turn that corner, it feels amazing to be able to keep up and get a great workout. I'm hooked. ~Meg
I’ve definitely seen positive changes in my body, but I am most excited that I was able to finish a half marathon since starting with Coach Mel’s! Cross training helped my muscles and the cardio helped build my endurance. The friends I’ve made there have helped me mentally and emotionally destress too! ~Caitin


Coach Mel's is a fitness studio, it is ​​NOT your typical gym with loads of treadmills and huge weight machines.  It is NOT a place where you are on your own to figure out what to do for your workout.  

It IS open space where we will hold various group fitness classes and boot camp style classes.  Every class will have a certified instructor that will lead the class, motivate you to do your best, and show you modifications for each move, to ensure you are getting the best workout no matter your fitness level.

Take a look at the Group Fitness Class Descriptions page.  This gives you a description of each of the formats that we will be offering.  This is subject to change and we would love to hear from you if there is something you are interested in seeing us offer at Coach Mel's.

Fitness will be our main focus, however, we also have various craft classes, since a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body.

We also offer SilverSneakers classes for older adults or those who are just starting to exercise and need to start at a slower pace. 

Please complete the information on the contact page if yoou would like t be added to our email list.  We will NOT spam you with daily emails, we will send you important information that will give you updates about new classes, schedule changes, and special events!

At Coach Mel's our goal is for you to be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy!