Proactive vs Reactive

My Mantra Anyone who walks through the front door at Coach Mel’s Group Fitness studio sees my mantra clearly displayed on the wall. This mantra came from “my story” of being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, and then running in a 5-mile road race just 1 month later. How was I able

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Recipe for Exercise promotion

A Recipe for Exercise

Consistency sprinkled with some variety on top is what it takes to make an effective exercise plan. How much should you exercise? You have to show up and do the work.  Getting to the gym, or outside, or in front of your tv/computer to do a workout needs to happen on a REGULAR basis for

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Your brain on exercise fireworks

Weekly Wellness Newsletter – April 7, 2021

Your Brain on Exercise We all know that exercise has many benefits but what you may not realize is that certain types of exercise actually increase cell production in the brain and reduce brain atrophy as we age!   First let’s talk about the mental benefits of exercise.  Exercise has shown to improve your mood, reduce stress, increase

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Happy Easter banner

Weekly Wellness Newsletter – March 31, 2021

Rules for Eating a Treat Last week I gave you the #1 Healthy Eating Tip included some rules about buying a treat. Today we will go over some rules about eating that treat! RULE #1 – Enjoy EVERY bite If at any time, while you are eating your treat, you think to yourself “this really isn’t that good” PUT

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The #1 Healthy Eating Tip You Can Start TODAY

In this newsletter you’ll find…

1) The #1 healthy eating tip you can start today!
2) Join us to crochet.
3) Complete your first 5K.
4) Stretch and Scrabble class.
5) Banana Bread with healthier ingredient options.
6) Can you unscramble these fitness words?

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Threesome of women approaching finish line on beach.
5K Training

5 Steps to Complete Your First 5k

So you’ve decided, maybe in your head, maybe on paper, or maybe you told a friend; you are going to complete your first 5k. So now what? A couple of important things before we get into that. Note the title of this blog post, it says COMPLETE your first 5k, so if the thought in your head is saying

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Chris pulling her oxygen tank during a group fitness walk

Be stronger than your excuses!

Be stronger than your excuses! The photo above is of Chris during a 22-minute group walk we did on a Saturday morning. Chris has COPD and needs to use oxygen when she exercises. Yes, you heard me right, when she exercises! Does she have to stop or slow down sometimes to catch her breath? Yes,

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Screen showing virtual fitness classes as great for COVID-19 exercise options.

Exercise Options in the Midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 Exercise Options We all know we need to exercise and we all know the many benefits exercise provides us, and yet we don’t do enough. “For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guidelines: Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes

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Drop 2 Sizes Challenge promo with jeans
D2S Challenge

Drop 2 Sizes 8-Week Challenge

We are getting ready to kick-off our next Drop 2 Sizes challenge! The program starts on May 4th and finishes the on June 25th… just in time to get out the shorts! You will do 3 – 4 workouts per week and receive nutritional guidance, including grocery lists and weekly accountability meetings (from the comfort

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Burnout Tip Review The first tip was to turn to other people and the second tip was to reframe the way you look at work.

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It’s Amazing How Much Your Body Can Tell You No news is good news Think about this for a minute, when everything is good, you

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