Cross Training to Improve Your Run/Walk

Looking to improve your run/walk? Cross training will help

What does cross training mean?

Let’s start with the basics, if all you are doing is running or walking, cross training is doing something other than running or walking. There are several things you can do, and a variety is best.

Weighted Exercise

Whether you are doing bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, or lunges or you are picking up some weights to do some exercise, working on building your muscles has many benefits. Adding muscles not only makes you stronger, but it also helps increase your metabolism, will help prevent injuries, and will give you more stamina when you are running or walking.

Sports or other physical activities

Participating in some type of sport would also be considered cross training. Playing tennis, frisbee, swimming, bike riding, etc. the list can go on and on, but they are all other types of physical activity that have benefits and will help you improve your running or walking.

Why one activity is not enough

Don’t get me wrong, if running or walking is all you do that’s great, it’s better than nothing. But if you want to run longer or faster or walk with more pep in your step, adding another type of movement is going to help you get there faster. Your body adapts to what you are doing within 4 to 6 weeks. In order to continue to make changes to your body’s physical structure, you would need to do the same thing for a much longer duration each time to see any change. This is why so many people that just do cardio work at the gym hit a plateau at around the 6 – 8 week mark of starting their exercise journey. MIX IT UP…it will also keep you from getting bored!  

Start by trying one exercise class per week, or maybe you meet a friend and play a game of corn hole. My point is to be creative and find different ways to move your body.

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