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DIET is a 4-letter word

DIET is a 4-letter word so Stop using it!

Defined by Webster’s

Diet, as a noun, is defined as “a course of limited foods designed to lose weight, treat a medical condition, etc.” or “food, the type of food on which you live”.

Diet, as a verb, is defined as “to eat certain foods only, especially in order to lose weight.

Notice the highlighted words in each definition.  They are restricting and both refer to losing weight.

My New Definition for DIET

Mindset is so very important, when we think of DIET in these negative connotations it’s no wonder they fail more than they succeed.  Here is my “new” definition that we should use to have a more positive view on this 4-letter word.

Diet (n) – the food we eat to be healthy BEFORE we NEED to be healthy.

I just couldn’t resist!

Turn the Negative Into the Positive

My mantra is all about being proactive, yet the definitions of the word DIET are both reactive and that is where the problem lies.  Instead of doing something restrictive and unpleasant we need to look at food as an opportunity to be healthy.  I would never expect anyone to be perfect (read my newsletter about the Rules of Eating a Treat), but focusing on making healthy choices most of the time will help us avoid the negative 4-letter word.

Remember, weight is also just a number.  Instead of the scale, focus on how your clothing is fitting you.  If you start to notice it getting snug, it’s not the fault of the dryer; you may have just stopped making good decisions.  Think back and you’ll probably realize you’ve stopped paying attention to healthy habit. Reset and work on making better decision.  But whatever you do, don’t use the 4-letter word…unless you use Coach Mel’s definition.

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