Exercise is medicine chart

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine

So much good… Why wouldn’t you do it?

People complain about “having to exercise” all of the time, I think it’s time to look at it in a different light, focusing on the many benefits. There are so many different things you can do to move your body and so many benefits to keeping everything moving! The worst thing we can do to ourselves is to stop moving! I hear all the time, I can’t exercise because XYZ hurts. Well, I’m willing to bet you that if you found something, anything to keep you moving, there is a very good chance XYZ wouldn’t hurt as much anymore. You have to push yourself, you have to be stronger than your excuses and you just have to do it.

It’s not just about physical benefits

Exercise can also reduce stress and improve your mood. Taking the time to do something for yourself does wonders for your brain. If you set aside even 15 minutes a day to move your body and increase your heart rate you’ll feel accomplished in your day. Then work on increasing that over time until you have fit 150 minutes of movement into each week.

Keep a journal of your activity and how you feel

My challenge to you is to keep a journal. Write down each day what you did to move yourself with some type of exercise (now you have to be truthful and also write down if you did nothing), then write down how you felt right after the exercise, and then jot down at the end of your day how you felt throughout the day. Did you feel accomplished, were you in a better mood throughout the day, were you less sluggish.

When we don’t focus on something we don’t notice it, so you may be feeling all of this but not realize it. In the same manner you have to write the same types of things in your journal when you don’t exercise, how did you feel during the day, where you more irritable, less satisfied with yourself? Journal every day and you’ll be amazed at what you find out about yourself.

Stop waiting for the right time to start exercising

This is something you are doing for YOU…there is no time like the present to get started. Be stronger than your excuses, everyone can fit 15 minutes of movement into their days and then slowly increase that time, until it is part of your daily routine. I’ve NEVER had anyone say to me after class “I wish I didn’t do that.”  Instead, I hear over and over again, “I almost didn’t come, but I am so glad that I did!”

It has been proven, time and time again, my mantra works… Be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy… and you never know WHEN you are going to NEED to be healthy. So keep at it all the time and you won’t regret it! We all want to live a long healthy life, being able to enjoy ourselves and being able to do what we want to do when we want to do it. Believe me when I tell you exercise is the fountain of youth. Dive in today!

Now that I’ve told you to start your exercise program, here’s what I’m doing to help you. I’m offering a 10-class bundle at $20 off. There is no membership requirement, you can use the classes whenever you would like over the next year! It’s a great way to try out some classes and maybe supplement some other exercise you are doing. This offer is available through June 30th so grab yours today and let’s start that exercise routine! Please use this link to purchase your pass today, then go to coachmels.punchpass.com to register for classes.

Pass valid on classes held at 5:45 or 6:45 am or 5:30 pm. Space in live classes is limited and pre-registration is required. Virtual classes are held at the same time. When you register for a virtual class you will be sent the Zoom link to participate. Please contact Coach Mel with any questions.

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