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How Do You Measure Your Success?

DO NOT compare yourself to others

We sabotage ourselves all of the time, in fitness, in business, in our day-to-day lives because we compare ourselves to others. When you see or hear about what someone else is doing or has accomplished do you really have all of the facts? Do you know how long it took? Do you know if they had help reaching that success? Do you know if they are telling the truth? Chances are very good that you do NOT know all of the facts and circumstances of what others are doing and honestly, it doesn’t matter. STOP comparing yourself to others and instead compare yourself to yourself!

Know your numbers

A lot of what we look at to determine success has to do with numbers, weight (I hate that one), money, the distance we can walk/run, health markers like cholesterol or blood pressure, the list goes on and on. If there is something you want to improve but it does not have a number, make up your own ranking system 1 (needs tons of work) to 10 (I rocked it!). Jot down the numbers of things you want to improve. Those are YOUR starting points and your success should be based on how well you improve those numbers, NOT the numbers of others.

Use others as inspiration only

I’m not saying you have to put your head in the sand and not notice what others are doing. What I am saying is that they should be used as inspiration only, not as a comparison. If you see/follow someone with a business and you are in the same business and you see that they are having huge success, know that you too may see similar success but you need to improve YOUR numbers, not compete with their numbers. You may have just started out and are in month 2 of your journey and they have been at it for 2 years so it is very unlikely that you would be seeing the same success! Set realistic goals, strive to make improvements that will satisfy you, understand that you will have your own path, your own wins, and your own struggles. Own every part of that as you move forward.

success Of Others is not your failure

Be happy when you see those around you succeed but don’t look at it as a failure on your part if you have not found the same success in the same timeframe. Weight loss is a perfect example. Men tend to shed pounds much faster than women, it’s just the way their bodies work. This is why you need to stay in your own lane and compete with yourself for improvement. As long as you continue on your journey and see improvement in your numbers, whatever you may be tracking, you are having success. If you are not seeing your numbers improve, it’s time to change what you are doing, learn more about what will move you forward, and do the work that needs to be done.

You are the driver when it comes to being healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy. Everyone is going to forge their own path, have their own ups and downs. Know what your numbers are now, know where you want to be, and forge your own path to get there!

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