Jessica van Oy - Personal Trainer

Jessica van Oy Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

My name is Jessica von Oy. I am a nationally certified personal trainer through NASM and I am currently in the process of working towards my nutrition coach certification. I hope to be done with that early next year. I’ve worked as a 1:1 and group fitness instructor for many years at gyms in the surrounding area. I love various forms of exercise.  Weightlifting, running, and golfing are a few of my passions. 

I also have a degree in nursing and in health science. I have been working as a Registered Nurse for about seven years.  I’ve worked in many different areas and started on a medical/surgical floor specializing in endocrine/renal, orthopedics, open-heart surgery and lastly observational emergency medicine. I currently work full-time as a Nurse Case Manager for United Health Group in Hartford. 

I am really looking forward to continue to inspire, motivate and support people throughout their fitness journey!

Note from Coach Mel

Jessica approached me a few months ago about using the studio to work one on one with clients. To me this was a home run as I can refer people to Jessica, and Jessica would have a place to train clients. Jessica is not an employee of Coach Mel’s; she has her own business, J’s Personal Training. If you are interested in doing personal training with Jessica, please contact her directly. 

Jessica can be reached via email at or at 860-459-5376. All scheduling and payment for J’s Personal Training will be handled through Jessica.  

I am very excited to have Jessica working alongside of us

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