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Move Forward with a Positive Stride

Don’t let something negative control your future

While watching the show “A Million Little Things” last week there was a quote that stuck with me and made me think about how it applied to my own life and how Coach Mel’s Group Fitness came to be.

There was a scene where Rome’s foster son did not get into a college he thought was a sure bet, Rome said to him “Sometimes the worst things in life lead to the best things”.

Nobody’s life is perfect. We will always encounter obstacles whether it be our health, a physical injury or limitation, or relationship issues. We all have something that we have to work through but let’s not dwell on negative things/events in our lives. Instead, we need to use our negative experiences to make a positive impact on ourselves and others.

From Negative to Positive

I had two major, negative events happen in my life that I believe are the reason Coach Mel’s Group Fitness exists today. In 2013 I went through a divorce. I never thought that was going to be me, I saw other friends getting divorced but “that wasn’t going to happen to my marriage” and then WHAM…it happened. Then in 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. From a young age I had always been bracing myself to hear those words. Those two things, coming only two years apart, could have really pushed me into a dark place, but instead, I moved forward with positive strides, rekindled a former relationship (who is now my husband) and I found my calling, to help others.

Positive Words for Positive Actions

We need to be aware of how we are letting negative things, which a lot of the time we have no control over, impact our future. We can choose to let negativity consume us or we can use it to get better. The saying “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” is a very positive way to look at a negative situation.

When I was a softball coach I did not allow the players to use the word “can’t”. This is a very negative word that, in my opinion, tells me that you have given up on yourself. Instead, I told the players to put the negativity into a sentence that they can then work to improve. For example, ”I can’t make the throw from 3rd to first” could be said, “I’m having a hard time making the throw from 3rd to 1st”. The second statement gives you an opportunity for improvement instead of defeat.

You can be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy. Tell yourself that and take action. Don’t wait for something negative to happen, be proactive with your health.

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