Proactive vs Reactive

My Mantra

Anyone who walks through the front door at Coach Mel’s Group Fitness studio sees my mantra clearly displayed on the wall. This mantra came from “my story” of being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, and then running in a 5-mile road race just 1 month later. How was I able to do that?  I was healthy BEFORE I NEEDED to be healthy!  Read more about my story.

Expect the Unexpected

Life can throw you a curveball at any moment, without notice, you need to be prepared to swing and hit it out of the park. Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally will help you be prepared. Waiting for the curveball to cross the plate is too late, an illness/surgery that should be routine could turn into a very long recovery if your body is not ready to deal with it. Here’s a perfect example:  you are out somewhere and you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while and notice they have lost a lot of weight. You talk with that person, tell them how great they look and they tell you they had a heart attack 6 months ago and were put on a strict diet and lost 40 pounds. Why are we waiting for a life-changing event to change our lives?

Be Proactive

Some exercise and some healthy eating choices is the perfect way to prepare yourself to knock that curveball out of the park. If you are currently doing no form of exercise, start with walking, maybe add some hand weights, and then get into a more formal routine from there. The most important part is that you start thinking about how you can help yourself NOW not after a major health event! I have several 10-minute to 45-minute workouts on my YouTube channel that you can do at home, anytime.  Here is the link to check them out Coach Mel’s YouTube Channel

Healthy Choices

Start making some better choices when it comes to healthier eating, I am NOT saying go on a diet and starve yourself, that does not work. I am saying, choose better options when you are preparing your food, be prepared with healthy choices, and stop buying the things you know you should not be eating. (More on that here!)  

Remember we are not doing this to punish ourselves for poor decisions we’ve made for years, we are doing this so we can enjoy every moment life gives us and to be prepared should that curveball come our way!

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