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Snacking Can Hurt You

Is Your Snack Really a Snack?

The biggest mistake we make when having a snack

True confession I am guilty of this one…but I’m putting my foot down and stopping the insanity NOW!  When you want a snack, be honest, do you look at the label and take only one portion of the item you are snacking on?  The photo above is a perfect example.  Almonds are a great snack, but did you know that about 12 almonds are a serving size.  Are you actually counting out your almonds before you eat them?  It is more likely that you take the entire container of almonds and eat “until you are satisfied.”   On average, if you are doing that, you are consuming 3 times the serving size or more!

A snack can quickly become a meal

I am not a huge fan of counting calories but every now and then it’s good to circle around and refocus.  Measuring your portions is super powerful.  When is the last time you measured your snack or any meal for that matter?  Grabbing something like a banana or an apple is easy but what about the almonds, or the hummus and carrots.  A snack should not become a small meal but it can, very quickly.  

Let’s say for this example you are eating 1,800 calories per day.  That adds up quickly.  Let’s break it down, we’ll put 400 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 700 for dinner, which leaves you with 200 calories throughout the day for your snacks.  Having those 12 almonds would add about 90 calories, but having 36 would add 270 calories which now looks more like a small meal.  And that’s a good snack.  What if we have a couple of crackers and cheese, or some chips and salsa, now you are talking about adding 300 – 400 (or more) calories to your day.

Follow these steps when it comes to snacking

  • First – have HEALTHY snacks available and ready to be eaten – stop buying the chips and ice cream
  • Drink a glass of water BEFORE having your snack
  • Measure out a portion of the snack you choose and NO going back for seconds

Taking control of your snacking can help your healthy eating journey.  I want you to really think about it before you pick up something to snack on, do you really need it or are you just bored?  Healthy snacking can help you avoid grabbing anything in sight if you get to a point of being super hungry, but let’s keep it in check so we keep ourselves healthy BEFORE we NEED to be healthy!

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