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Time to Get Back to Good Habits

It's Time to Get Back to Good Habits

It’s September…time to refocus

I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say that we let our guard down a bit in the summer months when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. We go to picnics and we tend to eat more ice cream and consume more alcohol in the summer. Our daily routine may have changed with the kids out of school and yard work to be done and this means our exercise routine is off track as well. While, technically, according to the calendar, summer is not over, let’s face it, it’s over. This means it’s time to get back to our good habits.

Lead by example for the win…win

When we think about leading by example the first thing that comes to mind is being an example to our kids and grandkids. It is super important that we are teaching them good habits that they will, hopefully, make a part of their own lives. You are in charge of the food you buy and if you buy junk both you and others in your house will eat junk. If you buy healthier choices it’s a win-win because now everyone eats healthier. The same is true with exercise, if you have exercise built into your day and show others the benefits of exercising, they are likely to give it a try or maybe even join you! If we are constantly skipping our classes we are showing others around us that it is not really that important to us.

Dust off your food journal and sneakers

The start of a new month is the perfect time to start getting back to those good habits. Grab your food journal (or use an app) and start keeping track of what you are eating (I did not say count calories – but of course you can). The simple task of recording what you eat has proven to improve eating habits. Pay attention to portions and make the healthier decision when you are faced with options.

It’s also time to get the sneakers out and get back to your routine. Mornings are darker and evenings are getting darker earlier so you will be indoors more. Sign up for classes and show up! It’s best to have a schedule and to stick with it. Push those excuses aside and get the work done, trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Everyone knows they feel better when they eat healthier and exercise. So why is it so hard? Let’s not just think about us, but about those around us who may also benefit from us showing them good habits. Sharing healthy eating and exercise with others will also help you stay more focused. It’s time for us all to get back to our good habits so we can be healthy BEFORE we NEED to be healthy!

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