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Weekly Wellness Newsletter – March 31, 2021

Rules for Eating a Treat

Last week I gave you the #1 Healthy Eating Tip included some rules about buying a treat. Today we will go over some rules about eating that treat!

RULE #1 – Enjoy EVERY bite

If at any time, while you are eating your treat, you think to yourself “this really isn’t that good” PUT THE FORK/SPOON/TREAT DOWN! There is no point in having something that you are not fully enjoying. You will have regrets later and we don’t want regrets when it comes to treating ourselves, we just want JOY!

RULE #2 – No guilt

This goes along the lines of #1 but us a little different. If you start to feel guilty about the treat STOP EATING THAT TREAT!  This usually happens when you’ve already indulged either in your meal or on another treat that week. Keeping your treats to once or twice a week will help you enjoy it more and not feel guilty. Treats are special, they DO NOT happen on a daily basis!

RULE #3 – Don’t eat it if you are FULL

You know exactly what I mean, you’ve already had a meal and are starting to feel full, then now is not the time for a treat. Eating something just because it is there is not a good reason to have that treat! This often happens at a gathering, Easter, Memorial Day picnic, you get the point.  You’ve already snacked on appetizers, had your meal, and now desserts are put out. It DOES NOT mean you have to eat it. Chances are if you do you will soon regret that you did because you feel so full you are miserable. So I ask you, could you have waited or asked for a goodie bag. You know the answer is OF COURSE!

Make a treat a treat, enjoy EVERY bite and let it bring some joy into your week.  

April birthday wishes

Coach Mel's Cobb Salad

I love a good salad and not only is this salad yummy but it is SUPER pretty too! I am not giving you amounts to use of each item, that will be determined by the size of the bowl you use. On that note, a large shallow bowl works best. The one I use is very large, I make this for gatherings so I need a lot of salad. Here’s what you need…

Romain Lettuce thinly sliced
Roma Tomatoes
Mini Cucumbers
Hard Boiled Eggs – Diced
Crumbled Bacon
Feta Cheese (or whatever you like)
Avocado – Diced

Start by filling the bottom of the bowl with the lettuce. You will then make lines on top of the lettuce with all of the other items. I am a bit of a stickler when I do this; I won’t put similar colors together (feta and eggs have to be away from each other). That’s it, serve with some tongs so everyone can dive in and grab the items they enjoy!

May 2, 2021

Register before fees go up!

Don’t forget to register for this fun 5k for women. All proceeds benefit the Jr. Women’s Club of Litchfield Hills. This is the perfect 5k to complete as your first or fifty-first, the course is mostly flat with beautiful scenery along Bantam Lake. Walkers are encouraged! The registration fee increases on April 12th so get over there NOW to register and be sure to join the Coach Mel’s Team!

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agmtaoy                  Yoga Mat

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