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What Does FITNESS Mean To You?

Let’s stop thinking of Fitness as a look

I would say at least 90% of the time people think fitness is all about looks. Someone who is thin, of average weight, and does not have “rolls” is fit. And someone who is overweight is not fit. Why do we do that? A look does not define fitness.

It’s time to focus on what we can do not what we look like

I like to focus on something called “non-scale victories”. That is something that you can do, that maybe at one point you couldn’t do. When you start to exercise you find that you are able to do more, you can lift things, you can move better, you can climb stairs without getting winded. All of these are non-scale victories. Your appearance may not have changed, or maybe it did, but the point is your fitness has improved.

Pete McCall’s definition of Fitness

I’m sure the name means nothing to you but Pete McCall is well known in the fitness arena. He has written many book for fitness professionals, and has a podcast, All About Fitness. His definition of fitness is as follows:

“Fitness is doing what you want to do when you want to do it.”

Let’s change our mindset, let’s not judge ourselves or others solely by appearance but instead by ability. And as always, let’s stop focusing on the scale and instead focus on what we can do!

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