What's for Dinner - Part 2 with mult-colored Post It notes

What’s for Dinner? Part 2

Meal Planning must continue

Let’s make sure our meal planning is not a “one-hit-wonder.”  Here’s what you can do going forward.  Let’s add some page protectors to our binder, a few in each section.  When you come across a recipe (maybe in this newsletter) print it out and put it into your binder.  Write up a post-it note for the new meal and place it on the divider for that section.  This will allow you to continue to have new meals to choose from.

Keep or don't keep

Once you’ve tried the new dish you should determine whether it is worth keeping.  Let’s face it, sometimes it looks and sounds great but it is either a pain in the butt to make or maybe no one really liked it.  If it’s a hit keep the recipe and Post-it note in rotation.  If not get rid of them!

Planning for other meals

You can redo the Post-it note challenge with other meals too!  Go through the same process for breakfast, lunch, and even snacks.  Whenever you find you are struggling to make good choices go through the challenge for that meal.  You’ll continue to add to your binder and be able to create a full meal plan each week.

Continuing to make good decisions in the kitchen is key to be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy!

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