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Who’s Racing to 100 with Me?

Set this "Race to 100" Goal for 2022

Last week’s newsletter was all about setting goals for 2022. Some of you may have done it and some may not have, so I’m challenging you ALL to set this goal…to race to 100 workouts in 2022. 

If you read my newsletter on a consistent basis you probably noticed that once a month I list members who have reached 100, 200, 300, and even 400 plus workouts in 2021. This was not something I had planned on putting into the newsletter when I started writing it, it came about because one day I ran a report from Punchpass, saw the numbers, and thought it would make a good motivational piece to add to the newsletter. This year I want it to be more than an afterthought, I want you to set a goal to reach at least 100 workouts in 2022.

Why set this type of Exercise goal?

No matter why you work out, to see any progress, to remain feeling good, you have to be consistent. Starting and stopping is not going to keep you feeling your best, it’s not going to get you stronger and it’s not going to keep your body moving so you can do all of the things you want to do. Your body needs to keep moving and that is why I am challenging everyone to set at least this one goal. Making it to 100 workouts means you would need to CONSISTENTLY do at least 2 workouts per week. You can all do that!

Track your progress

There is nothing more satisfying than putting a checkmark, an X, or crossing something off to show your progress towards a goal. Print out the grid below, write in your goal completion date, and put it somewhere in your house where you, and others, can see it on a daily basis. After you complete your workout for the day, cross off the next number! This gives you a great visual so you can see your progress as you race to 100. I will also continue to put updates in the newsletter each month.

We can all find 100 different reasons why we can’t do our workouts, let’s focus on making moving a priority and let’s crush this goal. I know there are several of you who will exceed this goal so you may need to print out several grids. I’ve included the 2021 workout report below for everyone who hit 80 or more workouts, let’s add a few more to that number for 2022! Constantly moving your body with exercise is helping you be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy!

Race to 100 progress chart
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