Frequently asked questions

We hope the information below will help answer some questions you may have about our facility. If you have a question that we have not addressed below, please contact us and ask. We may even add your question to the list.

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No. Mats and any equipment needed for class will be provided. However, if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own mat.  We ask that you use our cleaning spray (homemade with essential oils) and a clean towel to clean your mat after each class before putting it away.

Yes, please bring your own water. It is very important to stay properly hydrated while exercising! However, if you forget to bring your own bottle, we do have water available.

Special shoes are not required. We suggest a pair of athletic sneakers or bare feet. We do insist, however, that you carry your exercise shoes into the building and change into them once you arrive.

No, unfortunately we do not have showers. We do have a good size bathroom that will allow you to change clothes and freshen up after class if needed.

No, not at this time. Coach Mel’s is a group fitness facility, therefore, you may exercise only during scheduled classes. Please go to our group fitness class schedule page for more information.

No. While it is strongly encouraged and more economical, there is a drop in rate of $12/class.  A select number of classes are senior classes which are offered at $5/class.

Yes, we have a limited number of spots available for each class. Signing up through either the MindBody app or the Coach Mel’s website will ensure you have a spot in class.

We ask that you please spray and wipe any mat you have used when you are done with your workout. There is natural cleanser and wiping cloths available for your use. We spray our weights with Lysol on a weekly basis. You are welcome to use our spray cleaner on any of our equipment prior to your class beginning. We also have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available. 

Each class has a designated number of spots on a wait list. If the class is full you will be given the option of adding yourself to the wait list. When you add yourself to the wait list you will be notified if a spot opens for you in that class. NOTE:  You can be notified of a spot in the class up to 30 minutes before the class begins. You will be notified in the same manner that you receive class reminders. (If you do not currently receive reminders, please be certain you have email and/or text notifications checked on your MindBody account under schedule reminders and changes. See Mel if you need help with this.)  If you have paid for a class but you do not get into the class, you will have a class available on your account to use at another time. If you have a membership with limited classes, the class will not be charged against your membership.

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