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Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Why is Sugar in Everything?

Sugar makes things taste better but it also causes us to crave more.  This causes us to eat more and buy more sugar filled foods.  We are making ourselves unhealthy and making the manufacturers more and more money.  Just like being addicted to a drug, sugar releases opioids and dopamine into your body, both causing addictive behaviors.

Sugar may be more addictive than cocaine!

Nowadays sugar or some form of it is found in nearly everything we eat.  So are you addicted to sugar?  There is a very good chance that you are.  Think about it, when you finish a meal are you looking to have something sweet?  When you feel hungry do you crave something sweet?  When you start eating sugary foods do you have a hard time stopping?  If you find yourself answering yes to these questions there is a good chance you are addicted to sugar.

Research on rats from Connecticut College has shown that Oreo cookies activate more neurons in the pleasure center of the rats’ brains than cocaine does (and just like humans, the rats would eat the filling first).  See the complete article here.

Start to notice how you feel after having sugar

We’ve all heard of the “sugar crash”.  It’s a real thing, you get energy from consuming the sugar but then after the spike you suffer a crash making you feel sluggish. 

It’s time to notice other effects sugar has on you.  Do you find your inflammation flares up after having too much sugar?  Are you gaining weight?  Do you have “foggy brain?”  Are you experiencing headaches?

It's time to Break-up with Sugar

The following link brings you through 12 ways to get away from sugar, it is VERY interesting and tells you about hidden sugars that you may not have known about.  It’s worth the 5 minute read!

The Practical 12-Step Guide to Breaking Up with Sugar

We need to start by reading labels and making a conscious effort to stop buying products that include added sugars.  It’s not easy and it takes a lot of discipline but it is possible to reduce your sugar intake if not remove it from your diet altogether.  

While it may be hard to recognize at first, focus on how much better you feel without sugar running through your veins.  Make feeling better the reason you stay away from sugar.  It’s another step you can take to be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy!

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