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Be an Olympic Athlete When it Comes to Your Health!

Train like an Olympic athlete

As I watched the 2022 Winter Olympic games over the past two weeks I kept thinking about how these athletes have dedicated their lives to be the best at what they do. I then started thinking about how the same mindset about our health and wellness could be so beneficial to us all. The key is consistency. These athletes had to work at their sport in a very consistent and disciplined way, they needed to SHOW UP and do the work. If they were not so dedicated they never would have made it to the Olympics and they would never have had the opportunity to win a medal doing something that has shaped their lives to that point.

The same is true when it comes to your exercise routine. When you choose to show up sometimes you will get “sometimes results”. You’ll feel better when you exercise consistently, you’ll sleep better and have more energy, but it will be short lived if you don’t continue to show up. If you stop you’ll have to start again, you’ll be sore again, you won’t be increasing the weights and if you take too long to start up you’ll be back to square one. I see it too often and that is why I’m telling you to train like an Olympic athlete, show up for your workouts on a consistent basis so you can reach the podium!

Olympic health takes discipline and sacrifice

Any Olympic athlete will tell you they have the drive and focus but there were also sacrifices that had to be made to reach their goals. Are you willing to make sacrifices to feel better, to be a better you, and to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it? If your answer is “it depends” then you are not ready to be serious about exercise. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, I’m asking that you set aside 60 of those minutes for YOU (it’s even less if you do virtual classes, there is no drive time needed).

I will admit sacrificing family time, like watching my kids play sports was hard for me at first but when I decided to “double dip” while at practices, running or walking for ½ and then watching the 2nd ½ it was easy and it became part of my routine. Most of the things we have to do are scheduled, and most of them we know the schedule in advance. While you are putting your appointment on your calendar, also put your exercise times on your calendar like any other commitment. Also, don’t forget to sign up for your classes ahead of time, that will help give you further incentive to show up, I’ll be waiting for you!

Schedule time off from exercise

Rest is important for everyone. Going on vacation and taking time away from exercise is fine but let’s schedule that time and then get right back into your routine once that vacation is over. Proper recovery from an injury is important but don’t let it be an excuse to do nothing, is there something you can do during that recovery time? You do not have to and should not exercise every day. Rest days are important, it is how your body recovers and rebuilds your muscles, plan the days you will rest just like the days you exercise. If you still have the urge to do something on a rest day (yes some people have a hard time taking a day off) do something gentle like stretching or going for a walk, make sure it is less stressful on your body than your regular workouts.

Time Off for your diet

The other part of training like an Olympic athlete is to keep yourself consistent when it comes to your diet (noun not verb). If you yo-yo with your healthy eating you are not going to make the progress you are aiming for. I’m not saying you can’t have a treat now and then but you need to think about the foods you eat and make healthy choices. Start out with an 80/20 ratio (80% healthy, 20% not as healthy) with the goal of reaching 90/10, that’s when you’ll really feel the results.

It takes a village

Olympic athletes don’t do it all on their own and neither should you. They have coaches, you have me, they have teammates, you have other Coach Mel’s members and they have family support and so should you. Let your family know what you are doing and why it is important to you so they can support you and encourage you to work hard and reach your goals. We don’t have to be in the same room to support each other, even when you do virtual classes, we are in it together to support each other!

Consistency is the key to being healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy. Remember if you miss a live workout and are a member at Coach Mel’s you have access to our current workouts in the Content Library through your Punchpass Account, you can do them at any time on your own. Seniors can access full-length classes on my YouTube channel.

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