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Pain During Exercise

You do not want pain during exercise! No Pain FOR Gains You’ve probably heard the expression “no pain no gain” but is pain something you want to feel while you are exercising? You probably want to be sore the next day or two, which tells you that your muscles have been working, but you do …

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Cardio or weights? Runners and people using dumbbells.

Cardio or Weights?

Find what works for you When it comes to exercise it’s important to find what works for you.  There are a million different studies out there, one says to focus on cardio and the next on using weights, and then there is the combination of both.  You need to find what works for you and …

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Exercise is Not Punishment

Let’s adjust our mindset when it comes to exercise! “I HAVE to exercise because…” You’ve probably said those exact words followed by something like “because I ate a piece of cake today” or maybe “because I binge watched Friends today.”  This is using exercise as a punishment for you doing something you enjoy doing.  Let’s stop …

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Exercise is medicine chart

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine So much good… Why wouldn’t you do it? People complain about “having to exercise” all of the time, I think it’s time to look at it in a different light, focusing on the many benefits. There are so many different things you can do to move your body and so many benefits …

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