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Burnout is Real – Part 3

Burnout Tip Review

The first tip was to turn to other people and the second tip was to reframe the way you look at work. Let’s continue this week with Tip #3 – Reevaluating your priorities.

Time to take a deeper look at you

Burnout is an undeniable sign that something important in your life is not working. Take time to think about your aspirations, goals, and dreams. Are you neglecting something that is truly important to you? This can be an opportunity to rediscover what really makes you happy and to slow down and give yourself time to rest, reflect, and heal.

Time to focus on you

  • Set boundaries. Don’t overextend yourself. Learn how to say “no” to requests on your time. If you find this difficult, remind yourself that saying “no” allows you to say “yes” to the commitments you want to make.
  • Take a daily break from technology. Set a time each day when you completely disconnect. Put away your laptop, turn off your phone, and stop checking email or social media.
  • Nourish your creative side. Creativity is a powerful antidote to burnout. Try something new, start a fun project, or get back to a favorite hobby. Choose activities that have nothing to do with work or whatever is causing your stress.
  • Set aside relaxation time. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing activate the body’s relaxation response, a state of restfulness that is the opposite of the stress response.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Feeling tired can exacerbate burnout by causing you to think irrationally. Keep your cool in stressful situations by getting a good night’s sleep.

I hope these tips were helpful. Which one will you try this week?

Remember, saying no is about putting yourself first. Focusing on yourself will help you be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy.

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