Doctor's exercise prescription

Is an Exercise Prescription What the Doctor Ordered?

What if your doctor gave you an exercise prescription?

We are all eager to find a quick fix to any problem we have, the quicker the better. When it comes to your health we are quick to seek a doctor’s advice to feel better, most doctors write out a prescription for one of many drugs that will help “fix” your problem(s). What if your doctor prescribed exercise instead of medication? Would that make you more likely to exercise? Would you put the time and effort into working on yourself? Would you take the harder path to avoid taking medication?

Be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy

Per WebMD, one in every ten untimely deaths can be traced back to inactivity. Exercise can help control blood pressure, ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis, help reduce the possible onset of diabetes, help control weight gain and it can help prevent other long-term chronic conditions. While it may take longer to see the positive impact of exercise, the list of side effects is much shorter and less severe than medications.

COVID taught us that exercise helps our immune system too

The uncertainty of the past two years has shown us that exercise helps reduce the severity of illnesses. There was a study done, on an albeit small sample of people who contracted COVID, that research showed that those who exercised regularly were less likely to be hospitalized from COVID. Another win for exercise.

Medication and Doctors bills are expensive

If you’ve had to pick up a prescription lately you know they are very pricey, even with insurance. And going to the doctor is also very expensive. In the world of high deductible medical plans, you can find yourself shelling out thousands of dollars before insurance starts to “kick in”. You have the ability to help avoid doctor visits and prescriptions and it all starts with you choosing to make exercise a part of your weekly routine. The suggested amount of exercise is 150 minutes per week. Out of the 10,080 minutes that are in each week, this is just 1.5% of your week that should be scheduled for exercise,  and more if you are able.

Pay Doctors and Prescription Companies or Exercise to feel better

Some may feel that going to a fitness studio like Coach Mel’s is expensive, but in the long run, if it makes you feel better and keeps you away from needing to see a doctor or buying medication, it could be less expensive. The side effects of exercise, feeling better, sleeping better and looking better, are much better than the side effects you will get from prescription drugs. So I ask you again, if your doctor prescribed exercise, would you be more likely to do it?

Coach Mel’s Group Fitness is a great place to be healthy BEFORE you NEED to be healthy. We offer a wide range of classes for all fitness levels, including classes specifically for seniors. If you are currently not exercising and want to get started please let me know and we can meet to discuss the best place to start.

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