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5 Tips for Surviving Picnic Season

Memorial Day is next week which means picnic season has begun. Use these tips to make good decisions when it comes to the foods you choose.

Tip 1:  Don’t sit/stand near the chip table

I don’t know about you but I can’t eat just one!  Avoid being at the table that has the chips and dips.  Instead, get a plate, load it with the fresh veggies or fruit and dip and move away from the chips. Tip 2 will also help with this one.

Tip 2: Do something active

Picnics are notorious for sitting and eating. Find something to do. Games are usually out at picnics, corn hole, Frisbee, ladder ball, a dip in the pool, etc. If you are not sure if there will be any games, that’s the perfect opportunity to grab one to give to the host as a gift.  Now I know some of you are thinking, but I’m no good at games, that’s OK, go watch others play and cheer them on. Keeping yourself “entertained” rather than grazing on the goodies will help. Or maybe you can help the host bring items from the house getting some steps in going back and forth. The whole point is to keep yourself busy so you are doing something other than eating.

Tip 3:  Think about your low carb choices

When it comes time to sit and eat the yummy picnic food everyone brought keep this in mind. Go naked….what?!?!  Have that burger or hot dog without the bun. The bun is just added carbs that is really not necessary, while it means you may need a knife to eat, that’s OK, I’m sure you can find one. Also, avoid the carb and fat-filled salads like potato salad or macaroni salad. They are both loaded with mayonnaise and carbs, look for lower carb/fat choices like a green salad or bring the quinoa salad below.  Just as tasty but so much better for you.

Tip 4:  For each alcoholic beverage have a bottle of water

We all know there is much more alcohol consumed during the summer months and definitely at picnics.  First off select a lite drink, there are a lot of options out there, especially spiked seltzers which tend to have fewer calories. The other thing to do is for each beverage you have containing alcohol, you have to have a bottle of water in between. This will quench your thirst and slow down the amount of alcohol you drink.

Tip 5:  Eat before going to the picnic

If you are concerned there are not going to be healthy options available for you to eat, have something before you arrive at the picnic…but then that means you don’t eat again when you get there! You can also bring your own food, there is no shame in maintaining your healthy choices.

It is great that we will be “getting back to normal” after a year plus of not having gatherings. Don’t use this as an excuse to resume bad habits. 

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