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Earn Your “Sit Time”

It’s easy to be lazy

We all know how easy it is to plop ourselves down in front of the TV or on a device or computer and before you know it we’ve spent hours “wasting” precious time. In the fitness business we hear over and over again, “I don’t have time to exercise.” I am certain if you analyze what you do each day and really focus on your “sit time” you can probably come up with as least 20 – 30 minutes of time that can be used to get something accomplished, whether it be exercise or another task.

Make your “sit time” a reward

Most of you know that I love to crochet, well that is sit time for me, so when I feel like I am doing it too much I play a little game with myself. I have to “earn” the time to sit and crochet. Some examples of earning my sit time would be going for a walk or run, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, etc. or maybe it’s finishing a task I’ve been putting off. Whatever it is, there is something that you have to do before you take the time to relax and do something for yourself.

Cause and effect to help destress

Using this method to get thing accomplished followed by relaxation can help reduce stress levels. To really do something for yourself you should have a clear mind to do what it is you enjoy. If you are trying to relax but thinking about the 10 things that you should be doing instead is going to cause you more stress. Make a plan, a certain amount of time completing a task gives you a certain amount of time doing something you enjoy, guilt-free.

Make the reward self-care – not food

Just one word of caution here, we don’t want to get ourselves into the habit of rewarding ourselves with food. You should not be thinking, “I exercised so I can eat those 4 cookies.” Your rewards need to be in the form of something that you enjoy, that makes you happy that is NOT food-related. Have fun with this, I’d love to hear about your earned sit time!  

Click here to listen to a very informative podcast about exercise, sleep, and more.

Use the link above to listen to an interview with Daniel Lieberman about his book Exercised. The podcast is about 35 minutes long, perfect timing to put in some headphones and take a nice walk while listening or do some housework…earn your sit time while listening!  

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