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Exercise is Not Punishment

Let's adjust our mindset when it comes to exercise!

“I HAVE to exercise because…”

You’ve probably said those exact words followed by something like “because I ate a piece of cake today” or maybe “because I binge watched Friends today.”  This is using exercise as a punishment for you doing something you enjoy doing.  Let’s stop doing that, let’s stop forcing exercise to “make up” for something and instead make exercise a part of our daily routine.

Consistency is key

The quicker we make exercise a habit the less likely we are to use it as a punishment.  We all know exercise is good for us, we all know we feel better when we exercise, so let’s make it a routine.  Select the days and times that work best for you and stick to it.  Whether it’s going to the gym or doing an online class, the most important part is that you start and stick to a routine.  Remember the hardest part is starting and if you don’t stop you don’t have to start over!

Exercise is not an excuse for poor decisions

True confession here, I used exercise so I didn’t feel guilty about eating poorly!   Can any of you join me in that confession?  It’s another no, no.  You can exercise every day and then make poor eating choices, trying to justify that it’s okay “because you exercised.”  Well, I’m sorry to have to bring this truth to you, but that’s not why we exercise!  Making continued poor decisions around your eating habits will eventually catch up to you, especially as we age.  Instead, let’s combine exercise with GOOD eating habits for an even better outcome!

Exercise is neither a punishment nor a reward, it is something that we should make a part of our life because we want to be healthy BEFORE we NEED to be healthy.  

Not exercising on a regular basis?  Coach Mel’s has several membership options available: live, virtual, and recorded classes.  NOTE:  Senior classes are only available as virtual classes.  See more information and a description of our classes.  Contact me with any questions at mel@coachmels.com.

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